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My mission is to inspire curiosity, encourage self-discovery, and offer a space where a diverse community can connect and grow both individually and as a collective.

Writing & Storytelling

60-minute Conversations $60

(in person, over zoom, or on the phone)

In these 60-minute one-on-one sessions, we will discover your origin story, by brainstorming and creating content together for the first 30 minutes and then for the second half of the section I will remain on the call with you (or stay with you in person) as an accountability partner as we write our own personal stories in silence maybe with a cup of coffee. I will be with you to guide you back to your project. If your mind begins to wonder, as is its job to do, we can practice breathing techniques as well as stretch our bodies. My intention for these 60-minutes is to create and maintain a space for you to exist, evolve, and grow in whatever way this looks like for the individual.


Are you intrigued but needing a little more? Ask about the special feature to this offer.  


Group Yoga Classes

60-minute ($18) Group Classes


Group classes are a great way to connect locally within our community here in Clarksville, Tennessee. I offer my classes at multiple locations around the city. You can find the links here:


You will also find that the classes I offer will encourage seasoned and beginner practitioners alike to deepen their practice in strength, flexibility and stamina while finding their own personal rhythm between movement and breath. 


My intention is to offer a space where a diverse community can both connect and grow in mind, body, and Spirit; both on and off the mat.


Private Yoga Classes

60-minute $65 Individual sessions


Individual sessions are a great way to dive into your wellness journey. In our first session together I offer a 30-minute (free) consultation. In continuation of our time together, there will be a 10-minute conversation followed by a 60-minute practice tailored to the needs of your body.  I often find that those who engage with me in my one-on-one sessions are surprised and excited by their own capabilities as well as the newfound awareness of their body both in anatomy, physiology, and spiritually.  

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Iyengar Yoga Class Triangle

Let's Work Together

Once you sign up for a 1:1 offering, remit payment here.

Need more information or have questions? Contact me here.

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