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About Embodied Connections

Embodied Connections: The relationship between an individual’s mind and spirit and how it reveals it’s true self within the body.

As someone who has struggled for years with chronic anxiety, yoga has not only personally bettered my way of life, but has also changed my perspective of how I interpret the world. Through my own self-study, I have found that Yoga helps me in several areas of my life.


I started Embodied Connections with the intention to guide individuals along their own journey of self-discovery so they too can experience the benefits of yoga.

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About Justine



My name is Justine, a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher with over 100hrs in trauma sensitive Continued Education. I am currently working towards my 300hrs in yoga teacher training! 


 I am also a writer.

Whether I am writing in my journal, blogging, or sharing a post on social media, writing to me is a form of meditation and a way to connect my mind and spirit. Yoga, for me, is this same feeling in motion.


As an introspective person, I find comfort in my faith, yoga, and community. All of which have been essential tools that bring awareness to my anxious thoughts, reclaiming and restoring balance within.


In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing, hiking, and streaming with my family.  

I look forward to meeting you and getting to know your story! 

My Life

As an Army spouse we are required to change at any given moment, adapt to our surroundings, and move our family from one house to another. It is through my faith, continued education and personal practice of Yoga, I have learned the ability to come back to myself in order to support my husband and raise our children in the midst of any adversity within our ever changing environment.  As someone with chronic anxiety, I am grateful for the mindfulness I have learned through the spiritual pathway of Yoga. 


As I continue to experience the healing benefits of Yoga in my own body, I am excited to teach others as well. It is a gift to share self-care within the army communities as well as my current community here in Clarksville, Tennessee.

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