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/. Stillness :: The Art of Doing Nothing.

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

There are many opportunities throughout my day to relax, reflect, and play. I just have to choose to not feel guilty for doing them💜

With so many of my friends in the early stages of motherhood, it is hard for me to be okay with

my daily "freedom". But maybe I can give myself permission to appreciate the phase of motherhood I am in right now.

I find myself always waiting for permission to live my life the way I choose to live it. I am always afraid of how I will be perceived, lazy, privileged, spoiled, are a few that come to mind. So to mask my reality I try to keep myself busy only to get burnt out and slowly fade into the shadows of other people's success.

I lift them up so no one notices that I am essentially, from society standpoint, "doing nothing".

But what if doing nothing is actually doing a whole lot of something? Winnie the Pooh says this wonderfully when he asks Christopher Robin what they were going to do today, Robin tells the bear "nothing". Then Pooh tells his friend,

"Ahhh that's my favorite, doing nothing often leads to the very best something's"-Winnie the Pooh Bear

So maybe I need to stop hiding in the shadow of my at times, extroverted circus, and start to embrace and recharge within me equally as important introverted-

self and showcase the art of doing nothing.

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