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/. Grounding :: Among the cold winter breeze.

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Soil, dirt, plants.

Green green grass, and blue skies.

Shapes and figures dance above;

while the ants work and

the beetles waddle aimlessly about.

The bees buzz and the grasshopper hops

as my feet ground deep within the soil the dirt and

the plants that grow, evolve and transform as the seasons change.

With each season, new trials come but through the trials the beauty is born.

The butterfly comes from the catalyst that the caterpillar started and

the baby bird is hesitant at first then leaps joyfully out of their mothers nest.

The worms dig tunnels creating the underground escape

route for any other little bug trying to hide and flee.

Each creature creating its own story and

like a worm we don’t know their beginning from their end,

but does it even matter?

All that matters is how the soles of my feet feel in the soil the dirt,

while the plants hug my bare feet

keeping them warm among

the cold winter breeze.

Justine Rhene November 2021

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